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Index to Furry Artists' Home Pages

This page provides sample works and commission information for a number of furry artists (or a link to an approved site for them). Hilighted artists have additional pages behind this one. Information for others is not available yet.

Additional commissionable and non-commissionable artists who have web pages here and elsewhere are listed on Tigerden's Big Page of Furry Links.

If you are (or know of) an artist who would like a page here, e-mail to webmaster@tigerden.com. For artists who have no other web site, I will be happy to develop pages for you here on Tigerden if you provide desired information to be included.

If you already have a web page and just need a link to it, you can add your URL entry to Tigerden's Big Page of Furry Links yourself. This page allows for any furry or artist to add their page to the index. Please be sure to select the proper category for your entry on the page.

/ Richard Bartrop
/ -- FoxxFire
/ Tygger -- Tygger Graf
/ Zoe -- Jeremy Kidd
/ Michael "FurOnPaper" Olinyk
/ Jareth -- David Reiss
/ Ken Cougar -- Ken Sample
/ Cobalt -- Chris Sutor

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