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Information for Furry Artists' Pages

The purpose of our Furry Artist Pages is to give those furry artists with no other web page host a place to showcase their work. If you already have a page or ftp site somewhere we'll be happy to provide an Artist Index entry and a link directly to it. If not, we can create and host your page on Tigerden's web server.

We will try to produce a quality page to hilight your work for you, but that quality will be dictated by the information you can provide to us. We obviously can't guarantee that you'll be swamped with orders as a result of your page being here, but we hope it will help.

Cost of Web Page Service

Providing links and hosting artist web pages is a free service. Because we do not charge for service and our bandwidth to the net is limited, we are unable to act as a complete archive site for all of an artist's works. Information regarding selection of sample works for your page is provided below.

Information Needed for Your Page

One way to see the things we need, and how they will be used, is to examine pages we have already. As a minimum, the following should be provided:

Submitting Information

Changes to Your Page

Further Distribution of Your Images

Miscellaneous Format Notes

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