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Official host site for Wolf Timbers.

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What's at Tigerden --

  • What is Tigerden? A page that tells about Tigerden's facilities and services.
  • Index of Tigerden users' home pages.
  • Web based e-mail for our users: TigerMail.
  • Information on TigerMUCK.

    Furry Stuff

  • What's a furry? For those of you who haven't a clue, a short poem might explain a bit. Also, check
  • PeterCat's Furry InfoPage Furry Video Game Database - A compilation of video games with furry themes and characters. >
  • Furry Convention Information - Furry gatherings worldwide
  • Furry Event Calendars - Local, regional events and birthdays
  • Index of Furry Artist Pages - Sample art, and commission/ordering information.
  • Links to other furry web sites.
  • Furries protest the CDA in a series of political cartoons.


  • Pages for Wolf Park (Battle Ground, IN)
  • Pages for Wolf Timbers (Bolivar, OH)

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