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Tigerden Icons

The following icons are available for your use. To include one in your document, use the tag

<IMG SRC="/icons/foo.gif" ALT="alt">,

where foo.gif is the name of the icon, and alt is a text alternative for people who are reading your page with a text-only browser like Lynx. Please put text alternatives in unless the icon is completely decorative and won't be missed by the text-only readers. It is especially important that you put a text alternative in when the icon is also a hypertext link.

To make an icon into such a link, use this set of tags:

<A HREF="url"><IMG SRC="/icons/foo.gif" ALT="alt"></A>.

foo and alt are as before, and url is the locator for the page you are linking to.

Here are the icons available, their names, and the standard text alternatives (icons with "---" have empty strings as alternatives -- use ALT=""):

The format usually used is this:

Each page is headed and footed by four or five icons between two horizontal rules: home, back, up, fwd, and possibly down. In your set of pages, home on your home page points back to "/Welcome.html", while on any other page, it points to your home page. Back points to the previous page at the same level in your set, fwd to the next, and up to the parent (for example, in a book, back would point to the previous sub-section, fwd to the next sub-section, up to the section intro, and home to the table of contents).

If there is no previous page (or next page or parent page), replace back (or fwd or up) with noback (or nofwd or noup). This keeps the icon placement consistent for people who are stepping through the pages with their mouse. The nofoo icons are essentially ghosted versions of the foo icons.

Down is used when the current page has a set of child pages. If it makes sense to send the reader to the first of the children, add the down icon to the top row and point it at that child.

The "-small" icons are to be used when it seems reasonable to have an arrow link attached to something within the body of the document.

If the page is really short, you don't need to copy the icons at the bottom. Just put a single horizontal rule. After the rule goes the credits and last-modified stamp.

See the skeleton document for an example.

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