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What is TigerMUCK

TigerMUCK is an online, virtual reality roleplaying 'game' similar to traditional text-based computer adventure games. In the world, you may move between 'rooms', look at things, and manipulate objects.

The key difference in network MUCK games is that your character can speak with, and interact with other characters who are online. You can 'say' things to others and hear what they are saying, and you can 'pose' actions that will appear to others as if you are performing the action. In general, you see and interact only with those in the same 'room' as you, but it is possible to communicate to those elswhere on the muck.

You can 'look' at each character and see the description they have provided, and you may set your own description as well. With proper privileges, you can also build rooms, create objects, and define actions. Things you create become extensions to the world itself.

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