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TigerMUCK's Theme

Like most mucks, TigerMUCK has a theme. The world is a realistic, earthly one with a small town community at its center, and various geographical areas in the surrounding countryside. The world is inhabited by 'furries', anthropomorphic animal beings of various species and derivations. There are no humans.

The setting is contemporary/near-future. The level of technology is not highly advanced. Although some of the population have arrived in the world by space travel, the 'feel' of the setting remains rural and 'close to nature' as opposed to one of high-technology. Some characters may have limited magic abilities, but the world is not highly dependent on magic.

Although TigerMUCK is technically a 'game', there is no 'goal' to it. There are no villans to slay, heroins to rescue, or treasure to be gathered. It is more a social interaction site where characters explore, build, chat, and socialize. There are occasional 'tinyplots', which are roleplaying scenes, often acted out over many weeks, in which some general outline of a plot is followed. Sometimes tinyplots are loosely scripted, but more often take on a life of themselves, with the various characters and onlookers acting the scene according to the mood and the personalities of the characters involved.

Furries in our world are played mostly by people who strongly identify with the animal character they portray. They most often take on the characteristics of the 'totem' animal for roleplaying and interacting.

TigerMUCK is not broadly advertized for several reasons. First, the modem hardware connecting it to the net is relatively slow, and too many users would tend to cause the system to become shuggish and 'laggy'. Second, and perhaps more importantly, we are not seeking those who simply wish to explore mucks unless they have a strong 'furry' personality. Some anthropomorphic-themed mucks welcome 'non-furries' who play humans and other non-furry characters. We prefer those who would truly wish to become the anthro-animal character they play. If you are the sort who would fight to be first in line to be genetically altered to have a muzzle, fur, and a tail, TigerMUCK may be of interest to you. If you are the casual 'mud collector' or someone who has no real interest in becoming your animal character, then another mu* would likely prove more interesting.

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