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TigerMUCK's Server

TigerMUCK runs on a Pentium-166 Linux PC with 128 meg ram and about 20 gigabytes disk space. A 250 megabyte partition is reserved for TigerMUCK itself. Our connection to the net is by 10/1.5 Mb/s Business Class cable. We are up 24 hours a day barring problems. In general, any lag you experience is not from the machine, but the net or our net connection. The machine is quite fast and is not often busy doing anything that would result in noticable slowing of the muck itself. Database saves are on the order of seconds rather than minutes due to the small size of our world so far.

The MUCK runs the same software server as FurryMUCK, but we do not have many of the command programs Furry has. We are importing some, but we are also trying to take advantage of the new MPI capabilites as much as possible. For that reason, many of the older MUF programs won't be brought in. We hope to have MPI-based equivalents for most important functions. Any command you try from Furry that dosen't work, probably indicates we don't have it.

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