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TigerMUCK's Layout.

The general layout so far: The Park is central ('park' is a global exit to there). The world is bounded by Mountains to the west and north, Tiger River to the south, and ocean beach to the east. Feel free to explore and perhaps sketch the layout as you go. We aren't too big you can't see it all!

Thanks to Unci, we got our firstGIF map available of the basic layout. Of course, things wre constantly being added, so it became obsolete rather quickly, but it will give you the basic plan.

Dronon more recently provided our second edtion map which incorporates most of the later additions. Individual homes are not always shown, nor is the underground cave layout. But it's quite complete for the major public areas.

Drop me an e-mail if you'd like either of thest sent to you as a uuencoded file.

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