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TigerMUCK Registration

Before registering, please read the section on TigerMUCK's Theme .

We do not provide on-line character creation.

To register a character on TigerMUCK, send an e-mail request to:


In your message, include:

1. Your requested character name.

2. An alternate character name in case the first is unavalable.

3. A temporary password that you will use to log in with the first time. The password will be case sensitive, so remember it exactly. You are encouraged to change the password frequently, keeping it complex enough that it can't be guessed.

4. A valid e-mail address for the 'player' of the character so that we may keep you informed of any news, changes, or problems.

5. Your full real name and age certification is now required (see below). Personal information will be available to wizards only, and will be kept confidential.

Requests will normally be processed in a couple of days, and you will receive a confirmation welcome message by return e-mail. In the event you haven't gotten a response in 7 days, re-submit your request. The net may have eaten your message. Or I may be on vacation. :)

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