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Tigerden Acceptable Use Policy

We expect you to use your account in a mature, responsible manner. While we will make no attempt to censor your legitimate 'free speech' regarding content of e-mail, or postings to USENET newsgroups, there are certain kinds of activities which are considered net abuse and are unacceptable use of your account. Some may also be illegal or constitute fraud. The following activities are some which are unacceptable: Activities such as described above can consume large amounts of disk space on our system as well as systems of recipients and can cause disruption of mail or news service. Such activities also consume bandwidth on our network connections, slowing legitimate users unnecessarily. They also generate additional administrative work to investigate and respond to complaints from other net users. To cover costs of additional labor and system resources, your account will be billed $100 per occurrance for any activity determined to be unacceptable use. If the activity is not a blatent violation of the above policy, you will first be issued a warning with explaination of why your activity is considered inappropriate. Continued unacceptable activity will result in billing charges without further notice, and possible immediate account termination.

Complaints of being threatened coming from others will be taken seriously. Threats of bodily harm or of property damage directed from your account to individuals or groups by way of newsgroup postings or e-mailings will be investigated and may be referred to the appropriate legal authorities for followup. Costs for administration to handle these situations will also be billed at a minimum rate of $100 per occurrence along with possible immediate account locking until the matter is resolved.

Complaints of fraud regarding offers of products, items, or services originating from your account will be investigated and, if found to be valid, will result in a minimum billing of $100 per occurrance. Additionally, the matter may be turned over to legal authorities for followup.

We reserve the right to cancel unacceptable newsgroup postings and/or to terminate/lock your account access at any time without prior notice. If this is done, you will be provided an explaination for our doing so. Reinstatement will be at our sole discretion. You will be responsible to pay all account charges incurred up to the time of termination plus possible additional charges to cover costs of investigations or other administrative activity after termination.

In summary, we expect you to be a responsible net citizen. Likewise, we intend to fulfill our responsibilities to both the net population and to other access providers by working with them to keep the net a useful and enjoyable place for all.

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