Furries protest the CDA

29 Feb 96, tigerwolf@tigerden.com, Dayton, OH USA

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by Pablo Romero
(parody of Enya's song Anywhere Is from her album The Memory of Trees)

I walk the maze of Congress,
but everywhere I turn to
the CDA's beginning,
but never finds a finish.
Exon on the horizon
fanatics use as cover,
and it's not that surprising.
Because you know what I know.

Money there, they'll sign the papers.
Clinton here will just obey.
Fanatics now prance together:
CDA is!

Like KKK's devotion,
the CDA's in motion.
They think that we don't know it.
They think that they don't show it.
In motion by devotion,
the CDA is moving
while we keep on protesting
the Censors keep on going.

They can hide inside your cellar.
They can kill you anyway.
If we stay here, let's fight together
the CDA's reach.

I wonder if they will sign
the permit for a witch hunt,
and lock away the people
that stand up for their own rights.
I look up to the heavens,
but night has clouded over.
No freedom of expression
to either Man or Lion.

The money in the warm hands
of senators in this land
who are telling us a story
of censorship of all sounds.
As Congress words are weaving
the progress waves are leaving.
But should I be believing
that I am banned from Speaking?

You talk there you're locked forever:
"We don't care about your age;
we can hush you altogether."
CDA IS!!!!!!

Believe the thread of all lies
and cut off your own phone line
in hopes that they will not find
your name among the others.
Now find a place to run to
begin a new beggining.
You'll never know the answers
for you don't have your freedom.
It's either this or that way,
outside or under cover.
The congress had direction
but is without reflection.
Our Freedom they have taken.
Our Credos they are breaking.
It might be just beggining
But tell me, will it end????

Pablo Romero
Poet, Musician and Artist
Email: promero@gu.pro.ec

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